Young Lush

Lush photos.

I was having a tidy up around my desk, tidying away old photos, that kind of thing, and realised when I’d scanned in some of my photos and uploaded them here, I’d actually left out quite a few – I still have. So, it’s Sunday morning (well, afternoon now) and I’ve no intention of going out today, and am procrastinating from doing any housework, so instead, re-scanned in the majority of photos at the above link.

Some photos looked odd, some look better now – some just happened to have that moment when you take the photo, and the red light picks up the guitars, and they really did look like that, for that milisecond…

I hope you like them anyway. New photos have been added to Bradford, New Cross and Sheffield, the two Bath gigs were the wrong way round, so that has been corrected, the rest I curse, as I became rather good at running out of film at Lush gigs. The ones that have been amended have a black background now, rather than white.

Right, time for that housework…

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2 Responses to Young Lush

  1. ciaran says:

    mikki’s hair was so orange….

  2. jo says:

    which photo?

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