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When WordPress say that you should update your blog to the latest version, then give you instructions, which finish along the lines of “yes, that really is it, you don’t need to do any more now”, they really truly mean it.

Been a bit slack at updating here, but there hasn’t been a huge amount to talk about. We bought a Wii for Christmas, which arrived just before, and games from my in-laws are carrying us through this rubbish tv time right now. Honestly, tv companies must know that it’s cold and miserable in January, and we just want some decent programmes to watch. No such luck.

I’ve taken to reading the latest headlines about Tottenham, and have tried to translate. For example, The Mirror ran a report today, saying how Robbo had a massive argument with the boss, after being sensationally dropped last night. However, I have a few thoughts.
1. Robbo never tends to play in Carling Cup games – Cerny has been in goal for every single one this season, hasn’t he?
2. The journalist in question is a gooner, and makes things up about Tottenham
3. Everyone elses reports seem to report the Mirror report, which seems a bit silly, considering it’s probably not true.

Let’s try Berbatov now. Seems he wants to be left alone to get on with his football, but yet everyone has something to say about him. Usually about how he’s leaving Tottenham. I’m somewhat resigned to him going at the end of this season, maybe on a high if we win a cup (I said “if”), but right now, nah. Let’s face it, he came to a team he thought was challenging for a Top 4 spot in the league, after the Lasagne-gate incident – but it all went wrong, didn’t it? We kept finishing 5th. (How nice that was, and I’m not complaining) – but maybe he thought he was on the cusp of one last bit of greatness, before thinking about retirement in a few years time.Closer to reality, we’ll probably finish 8th this year, win the UEFA cup, and miss out on Europe. Oh, and most of our English players will be sold to Man City and Aston Villa, and where we had pride at fielding a primarily British side against opponents (and singing songs to remind them), the only british player left will be Robbie Keane. (This is assuming Ledley King is injured, of course) The entire Spanish National team will be Tottenham players. Yes, this is probably a bit silly. I bet the papers have reported it already.

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