nothing much to report. Just thought January deserved an entry. I’m currently selling some records on behalf of a friend on ebay, to help raise some cash. If you’re reading this, then head over here and put in a bid or two, will you? These records are in an amazing condition. Next week I’m starting on some old punk 7″ singles… could do well. The best thing is, I don’t make a penny from it, but I’ll get good feedback, and I’m doing it for a good reason, rather than being skint myself, and having to sell things off (although I am sort of skint, but hey, who isn’t?)

I also realised when using a pc, and checking this site, how rubbish it looks on a pc. So all the people who’ve been here, and looked, and who aren’t using a mac, I’m sorry. This gave me the kick up the arse to learn stylesheets properly now. ‘cept I’ve not actually started yet. Too busy…

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