World Cup done

well, Italy went and spoiled a fairly exciting game last night, didn’t they, by scoring right at the end of Extra Time. That and their diving. Cheating Italians! (Not that we’re bitter in this house after the Italy-Australia game, oh no no no) It would be terrible if they went on to win it, but it would also be terrible if Portugal did (so this means I’ll have to cheer France on tonight, I guess).

The most disturbing of all is the law of averages, which means you end up cheering players you never in your life would want to imagine cheering, ie, Arsenal ones. Most disconcerting.

We’ve bought a laptop, which is good. Means if I need to work from York, I can, means I can put my things onto it, so if Shaun stays in London, we can stay in touch. A nice iBook from Apple Refurb, and a bargain too. Mind, it means I’ve had to put up my entire Oasis promo collection on ebay, to help fund it… still, that’s why I hung onto it for this long, for that very reason… talking ebay, PS2 idiot man hasn’t been in touch, and neither have ebay. Very strange. Maybe we’ll hear something soon.

Right now, I would like to sleep for a couple of days, please?

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