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I’ve started to carry around a notebook with me, so when I think of something, and immediately forget what it was I’ve thought of, I can at least try and remember what I was trying to write down. It is getting silly at the moment – I’ll be mid-way through doing something, and have a genius idea, just to then try and remember what it was ten seconds later. The notebook is empty.

Last Friday we ventured out into the world for the first time in some time, to see The Icicle Works play at Shepherds Bush Empire. They were marvellous too – utterly marvellous. I was taken back to 1987 again, when I think I saw them four or five times in the one year. Ian McNabb was the only surviving Icie, from back then, but the band he had assembled did a more than adequate job. There’s photos, but they’re not great. They need work. They’ll appear at some point on the front page.

Tomorrow night is M Ward and Neko Case at Koko in Camden. I don’t like Koko as a venue. Too high. You can’t get close. Weird place. I’m looking forward to the gig though. In a kind of odd booking mixup, Cat Power is playing up the road at the Roundhouse, but we can’t get to that, as she’s on stage at pretty much the same time as M Ward. She’d make me cry, probably, anyway. Photos to come, maybe.

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