Well I went on a bit last time, didn’t I?

Never mind. I needed somewhere to vent, and it’s not like I do it often.

So let’s keep this one short. This got removed (no idea why, nobody actually bothered telling me at work, it just got ignored) from the Beggars Archive blog, and I thought it was funny. Maybe I was the only person who thought it was funny… anyway. There I was sat watching ‘Countdown’ or whatever it’s called in Australia, and this popped up.

Which amused me mildly. Mind, the following day (which I didn’t post, good job really as that would have been deleted too) I saw this car and had a strange kind of “OH MY GOD MY WORK IS HAUNTING ME” sort of day.


Maybe I’ll just post all work related things on here instead, that way they’ll never ever EVER be deleted. Ever. Lucky you lot.

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