well, a new week is almost upon us…

I had possibly my most horrible, yet brilliant day at work last Friday. I wont go into specifics, but basically, it was a nine and a half hour day, without breaks, to try and get some work finished for a deadline – which kind of is finished now, bar the few bits we’ve spotted that aren’t there… it’s been a mammoth task, and one that’s neverending. With that, I took my headphones into work, plugged in my iPod, and had a day sending all my calls to voicemail, and had all my music to accompany me through the day – it was great too, so many songs I’d not listened to in a long time.

Strangely, the iTunes ‘Party Shuffle’ picked up two Scritti Politti songs side by side – ‘Skank Bloc Bologna’ and ‘Asylums in Jerusalem’ which was pretty cool… but then followed that with a 12″ extended remix of ‘You Spin Me Round’ by Dead Or Alive.. heh. I also got to listen to the remastered 4AD Cocteau Twins singles discs – although only really got through disc one. I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to the Cocteaus with headphones on (I’m thinking back now, my first album by them was ‘Head Over Heels’ in 1983, and I had a really rubbish record player, probably without a headphone socket), but I was blown away with these remasters… I was hearing things I’d not heard on just a normal listen to these songs in the past – take for example ‘Aikea-Guinea’ – on a normal listen, I’d never noticed Liz Fraser’s backing vocals, going “la, la la la la, la la” and so on… but on these remasters, they’re so much more noticeable… the ending of ‘Pearly-Dewdrops Drops, in fact the whole of the song, I’ve always felt had a kind of… warped record sound – like it wasn’t quite the right speed… but this version just sounds so crisp… and has an alternative bit at the end, which is probably closest to the 12″ version, but is still different. It made me think of Christmas…

Which actually isn’t that far away now. Sainsburys have had Advent Calendars in stock for about a month now. Give it another week, and there’ll be Easter Eggs in stock… talk about wishing the year away.

We’ve got quite a busy week this week – tomorrow night is Tottenham vs Fulham, and given we’re away on holiday in less than 11 weeks, I’ve decided to leave getting tickets for the Arsenal game. It’s too expensive, and the chances of me getting some are pretty slim, given how slow Seatbooker is to load. Maybe in the new year, maybe another big team (or just join the OzSpurs in Perth, and watch the games with some fellow supporters down under). Maybe. Tuesday night brings Film Club to the Dublin Castle – should be a good one…

I’ve decided I really hate ebay. I hate putting things on for 10 days, for them to sit there, with people watching them, for the entire 10 days, for them to last second bid on them. I think I might start doing 5 day listings.. and I think I might just throw the things away which don’t sell. I’ve found a ton of old promo tapes, ranging from Garbage ones (with an embossed cover) to an Oasis version of ‘Whatever’ with the ‘All The Young Dudes’ ending… wonder how much that’d go for… hmmm

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