it’s been a busy time since the last update. We’ve moved further south in London, from Mitcham down to Wallington, and now we have a garden – which we’ve never had in London before. So now where we’d sit around and watch tv, and generally be a bit bored on a weekend, or just go into central London and spend money, we can just sit in the back garden, crack open a beer, make a salad, and just sit and relax. Needless to say, I’m really happy, and have even gone as far as to attempt a spot of gardening – though all the flies, ants, snails, slugs, woodlice and so on are making it difficult for me to just get on with it – the minute I see one, I squirm, and try not to be a complete girl, and squeal. It’s quite pathetic really.

We’re also now in a cottage – it says so on the door – rather than a flat or house. My sister agrees it’s a cottage too (she came to visit last weekend). Sister-news wise, I’m going to be an Aunt, which is quite exciting, she’s about half way there now, bump well and truly showing.

In just over a week we’re all doing ‘Race For Life’ at York Racecourse, in honour of dad. Amazingly I’m getting crazy money in sponsorship – at first I thought we’d get 100 pounds total, but I’ve had to keep upping my target figure, as I keep getting loads of donations! Oh, and to set the record straight, we’ll be walking it. Not running – but only because we can’t run. (well okay, my sister can, even with her bump) – anyway, if you’re reading, and fancy sponsoring, then it’s here.

Job-wise, I changed jobs a while back within the same company. Where I was busy before, I’m now 10 times busier. My brain is working again, I’m in an office where the music is played fifteen times louder (my poor tinnitus is suffering for this), but I’m a lot happier.

Tottenham-wise, we equalled last seasons final position, which was great, and came out of the season feeling like maybe there really is something more to cheer for, at last… only time will tell. It’s feeling positive around N17 right now.

Music-wise, saw The White Stripes at the Rivoli Ballroom last week, which was excellent, and hot. Reading the music papers they listed all the famous people who were there, and I had no idea what any of them would have looked like – a sign of my age now, I think. Maybe… heh. Tomorrow night and Wednesday too brings the return of The New Pornographers back to London, in preparation for their Glastonbury appearance at the weekend – which cheers me up, as only they can. There’s photos of The White Stripes which Shaun took, which can be found over at his Flickr page.

Right, the sun is out, time to sit out in the garden again and “grab some rays”. I deserve it.

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  1. T says:

    Hello – I was in touch with you ages and ages ago cos I wanted to get the Happy Mondays Manchester International bootleg off you, can you remember me? lol Would it still be possibe to get it at all? I will send you however much money you want for it. Please let me know on biggt1976@yahoo.com

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