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Last week my friend Vic and I had a kind of… brainstorm. We’re both members at several Tottenham forums, and while we do like posting on some, it sometimes feels a bit frustrating, for varying reasons I don’t need to go into.

The simple solution to this is – if you don’t like something, do something about it. So we did. As of today¬†¬†now exists – it’s simple, and not in competition with any other forums (we’ll both post as much as we ever did everywhere else), but hopefully less off-topic, and just more Tottenham natter.

So if you fancy it, come and join us. Oh, and you don’t have to support Tottenham, but bear in mind, if you don’t, we reserve the right to point and laugh at you if we beat you. Ok?

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2 Responses to Tottenham Talk

  1. Jessel says:

    I stumbled upon your site while trying to find a title for one of the songs of Nine Steps to Ugly which I’m pretty sure is not Eddie Lopes Lives in Slough and Vaudville…

    I love your pictures of the c86/guitarpop bands…
    but I can’t seem to find a proper email to contact you…



  2. jo says:

    Hi Jessel

    I like to hide my email as much as possible, to avoid spam! Glad you like the photos!

    Nine Steps To Ugly-wise, I’m not sure which songs I have on tape any more – I know I had a compilation an old friend (who I’ve since lost touch with) did for me – I’ll have a look around though it may take some time!

    I’ll friend you via MySpace – that’s a good way to contact me – I check in there every couple of weeks or so!


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