The new website is coming along just lovely now – it’s still in the early stages and needs me to do more coding – which I’ve never done before, so it’s all a slow learning process done when I can grab a few minutes here and there.

I’ve also signed up to do some Phoenix Trading, selling cards. If anyone is interested, then I have a site over here which shows you the kinds of things offered. I’m just waiting for a delivery of my initial sales things, and a first order so I’m kind of excited about this, as it could be fun (plus I’ll get to meet more people which is always good). So I’ll add a new tag in here for Phoenix related things as I’m sure there’ll be various cards I’ll really like and want to recommend. Stay tuned. Plus it was an excuse to get my favourite picture of me and H up too.

I’m also going to set up an Online Petition soon (when they reopen them) to try and do something about the lack of access at Carshalton Station for people like me who’ll have buggies, or even people in wheelchairs, or who can’t climb the necessary stairs to get to the platform. Go me! See, less time on internet forums is equal to more time doing good stuff!

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