The House Of Love – London Islington Academy

I spent a night at the Islington Academy a month or so ago. Hated the place. It was too full, it was a long venue, rather than a wide venue, so you were pushed further from the music. So I wasn’t looking forward to last night, as much as normal. In fact, if I’d been in a bad mood, there’s every chance I wouldn’t have gone. But no, I weathered it, and made my way to the venue, just in time to watch the dreadfully ordinary support band asking us if “everyone is having fun?” and whether we had heard “this song on the radio” (I silently answered no to both questions).

Last night though, was marvellous. The House Of Love were amazing. They’ve brought ‘Destroy The Heart’ back into the set. They played their hearts out – Guy and Terry being the two main focal points, and being great ones at that. There was little you could fault them on – in fact, the only disappointment of the evening being when Terry’s guitar broke on the last song ‘Shine On’ (played the Creation way, of course, none of the Fontana version. thank goodness), and we lost crucial bits of the tune… but they existed in my head, so that’s okay… and you can’t blame them for that. ‘Fishermans Tale’, so often a set opener in the late 80’s and early 90’s was just mid-set heaven (Terry’s guitar, amazing), ahh you know, I can’t find much to really comment on. It was just a fantastic night out – plus you can see how they’re not doing it for the money (possibly also apparent by the fact their merch stall consisted of old singles and M & L sized t-shirts), and just playing because they like making music together…

Oh, and I got some half decent photos too. Here.

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