The Fall, Gallon Drunk, Monday.

My photos were dreadful. I managed to make a couple of Fall ones look almost ok. But really, they were dreadful.

Which is a pity, as both bands were excellent – the return of Gallon Drunk! Much excitement – and lucky for us, we found out they were on stage at 8.45 – considering the tickets said doors open at 9pm! So we didn’t miss one bit – plus we got ‘Some Fools Mess’ at the end – it’s been years since I listened to some Gallon Drunk, so to honour it, I put all their albums (that I own) in my iPod.

Having read reviews of The Fall from the previous night (they’re doing four nights in Croydon), I was a little suspicious. This was also Shaun’s first gig by them. He had no expectations – which is probably a good thing, as you really don’t know what to expect. However, I thought the band were marvellous. The setlist appeared to be identical to the previous nights show, but no mics thrown at guitarists, and songs only played the once. So I was happy with that. The Fall always make me happy – they’ll always evolve and be a different band to the last time they played – and that’s okay. I can’t even think if I’ve seen the same lineup twice.

So yes, no photos advertised. But there’s some on the photos page. Under “The Fall”. F section. They’re not great. The Gallon Drunk ones need a LOT of work. They may still happen…

ps the moral of the story is, don’t rush your food before you go out, and don’t eat fast food. I’ve had what could be food poisoning for two days, and have been off work, and Shaun had something similar. Lovely lovely…

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