sunny holidays

I took yesterday and today off work, with the purpose of catching up on those stupid little things I’ve left to one side for ages, to be less tired, and just to feel a bit more human.

One result of this, was going through my four photo albums, which are chock full of gig photos, dating back to around 1986 or 1987 ish. Strangely, the last photos in those albums, probably only date to 1993, so there’s a lot of photos, covering a few years.

Eventually, I’m going to do a page which covers each gig in the order it was seen, but I think that will wait for the next time I have some holiday from work…

So, here’s the page – all new, all alphabetical, and with more than one gigs photo, on some – head here and it’s as complete as I could make it, at this point in time.

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2 Responses to sunny holidays

  1. pat brooks says:

    Hello Jo and Shaun
    Can’t make any sense of the comments and gigs(never heard of them) and can’t find the NY photos – woe is me!

    luv and stuff

  2. jo says:

    hey mum!

    I’ll call you tomorrow!

    I’ll re-email the NY photos again


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