summer, where did you go?

it’s cold and occasionally rainy around these parts, although the air feels cleaner than SE London.. which was just over a month ago now. We unpacked a few more boxes today, just to find things I’d forgotten I had, and to find things I’d forgotten to put away.

Ebay is currently the home for my old promo videos. I’ve decided, they take up way too much space. Books could be there instead – especially as I don’t even watch the videos. Once upon a time this made up my bedroom space, then I grew up. So if you’re looking for old Creation things, or maybe just old things, you’ll find them on ebay now.

Music has taken a turn in a good direction again, after I felt like I was looking for something good, but not finding it. ‘Twin Cinema’ by the New Pornographers, where once it felt a weak album (well, it’s less poppy than ‘Electric Version’), has become something I can’t stop playing… The Magic Numbers album is just happy summer pop music (been recommended to go and see them, apparently they play with balloons and happiness on the stage, everyone needs a bit of that every now and then, I reckon)… rumour has it The Associates albums are all set for a remastered reissue… and hopefully will be winging my way soon… but the one that makes me happy beyond I could hope for, is the new one from dEUS – ‘Pocket Revolution’.. which despite having two songs they said would never appear on the new album (‘If You Don’t Get What You Want’ and ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’), is a damn good record. Not as immediate as ‘The Ideal Crash’, which would be difficult – as that was a gobsmackingly great record – I think they’re missing the influence of Craig Ward… but with Mauro on board, and guest vocals from Stef Kamil Carlens… well, I can’t complain – not one bit. They’re playing at the ICA in London, as an album launch gig, and then a month or so later, at the Shepherds Bush Empire.

We’re back in adsl land again, which took forever (apparently our exchange is full), but this means I’m going to start to sell lots of old CD singles, which are currently stacked up in Masterpiece bags, just gathering dust. I’m not sure if I’ll set up a shop here, or just go the ebay route – it all depends on time.

All I know is, we’ve got a smaller house that we live in now, and space needs to be created.

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