well, the social life is picking up again. Last Friday, we headed to The Windmill in Brixton, to see Penny Broadhurst, who does spoken word work – first time we’ve seen her, and she was excellent – she’s Leeds-based, and gets a lot more gigs up there, than down here (although having said that, there’s a free Hoxton date coming up soon) – she was great – really sharp and funny, and a great performer. Recommended.

The weekend brought a last minute chance to go and watch Tottenham play Arsenal, and who am I to turn such an opportunity down? Enjoyed the day, moreso the first half, when we played the most incredible football. Spent an hour or so afterwards in the pub with Vic and E, discussing the game, and being slightly depressed we hadn’t beaten them (the score was 1-1). I’m so close to getting a season ticket next season. SO close.

Bank balance permitting, obviously.

Tuesday night brought The New Pornographers at The Borderline. I can sum them up in one word “joy” – pure, complete and utter, that is. They put me in a great mood – one that just wont shift – so much so, we’re going to see them again tomorrow night – at 93 Feet East – so that’ll be a curry in Brick Lane beforehand then – mmmm…..

Next Monday brings the return of dEUS to London. Tuesday brings Sarandon. Wednesday… dunno. Plus we’ve a packed weekend of parents and dogs to look forward to.. at some point we get to sleep too. Fortunate, really…

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