so here we are, 2006 is almost over. What a rubbish year**, really. I’ll be glad to see the back of it. Maybe next year I’ll try and develop this blog into what a blog actually looks like, rather than random shots at what it could be like.

Still, here, right now, I’m working through, trying to see what my top 10 songs of the year could be. I did the ‘Adopt A Band’ which sort of went to the wayside when dad got ill, so maybe that should be resurrected. Will any of my ‘Adopt A Band’ bands make it to my end of year list? Does anyone really care? Will I go and buy that Young Knives album tomorrow, as well as the CSS one? Oh, and a new camera too, I’ve seen a nice new Canon IXUS 850IS, IS meaning ‘Image Stabilizer’ which is one of the more important things shaky-hand-me needs. Hmm.

All I know is I’ve finished work for this year, I’m having some “me” time, I had a lovely night with friends tonight setting up a wireless network at her house, and just generally feeling like it’s almost time to get the disco ball christmas tree out, and show the world.

Yes. it’s on the Ironing Board. That’s where the true spirit of disco lies. Oh yes. Try ironing to ‘Disco Inferno’ why don’t you?

** rubbish as in the polite don’t-swear-in-front-of-your-mum way, rather than it actually being rubbish, although it had its down time, it also had a lot of “up” time, especially towards the start.

Oh, there’s a lot of Tottenham photos due, and they’ll all be moved over to the new photos section, as soon as I can get my backside in gear and do it. Maybe next week… Got some nice ones of Berbie.

Saw the current James Bond film. To sum it up in as few words as possible, “blimey, gor! Crikey. OoooooOOhhh. That Daniel Craig, he’s alright really, not as bad as I’d thought he’d be. Nice camera angles. Nice scenery! Europe for next years holiday destination, I reckons”. We also got deluxe seats, courtesy of Marcus being on the case, and getting them nice and early (on the day, and really, the room was half empty… I feel like it was my fault we didn’t get there early enough, for the beers to seats service they claimed existed. Blame the traffic).

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