back in London again. In my head right now, I’m setting myself a two month target to move out of London. But I’ve set myself two months.

Which means I’ve got a lot of things to get rid of, via ebay. If they don’t sell, they’re getting binned, or going to the charity shop. Weirdly, Garbage stuff seems to be going for an astronomical amount, ridiculously so. Good job I’ve just found some carrier bags – if I’m lucky, I might get twenty pounds for them…

Still, the last batch of ebays have paid for the iBook, which is pretty amazing, leaving us cash extra. This all goes towards the relocation fund, if we do it. We’ll see. The most important thing to me right now, is being close to my family, and being in London is way too far away. I’ve seen Tottenham play almost every home game in a season, which is what I’ve always wanted to do – I just feel like me and London have well and truly grown apart. I’m sick of my wages going on rent, when I could actually have a bit more to live on.

So this time I’m going to really do something about it.

Mind, ask me again in two months…

Still, check Shaun’s ebay account, username anidealcrash and you might find something decent up there. I have a LOT of cd’s to sell.

In addition to this, I’m helping dad sell some of his things he no longer needs – username ainsty_gaming – just in case you’re into wargames, that kind of thing.

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