spring clean

I decided to make things dark here for a little while (apart from this page, a bright green to keep me awake, or something), it fits in with the season. The sunsets are so lovely at the moment, though are beaten properly by the ones we had in our few days in Dubrovnik – as pictured here and on the first page of the site. We almost had a lovely new sunset, and a photo of Alexandra Palace taken from our train, except for the fact that someone decided to jump in front of our train, leaving us stuck in a tunnel for 2.5 hours, while a ‘Thunderbird’ came and towed us back to Kings Cross, last Sunday night. I swear, it would have been such a good photo, it really would – the sunset against the shadows of Ally Pally. Still, it just wasn’t to be.Tonight we finally get to see Beirut for the first time, which should be good.So anyway, I did a bit of a clean up here, got rid of old links, and just tidied things up a little, making it all as dark as possible. I will start paying more attention here again, it’s just finding the time more than anything. Plus I should really type up some more stupid stories, as my life has plenty of them… or just general mishaps.

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2 Responses to spring clean

  1. ciaran says:

    love the neu design.

  2. jo says:

    thank you! I got a bit bored with the old colours, and thought some Dubrovnik pics might brighten it up in here!

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