some lessons

Lesson 1. When installing a new operating system on your computer, remember to back up everything. Absolutely everything. If you don’t, then you’ll lose everything, when it all goes wrong. Like I did. Lost over six months worth of photos. Luckily I’d uploaded the ones I considered okay, so I’ve not lost absolutely everything, but I’ve lost a lot. Thank god for the second imac in this room, with all the older pics on there.

Lesson 2. When going to watch The Arcade Fire, bring hankies. They made me want to cry a few times, and I don’t really know quite why. Their songs feel so much sadder than on record, live, yet so happy. Possibly my gig of the year. Check out the photos here.

Lesson 3. Good luck doesn’t always mean lucky. You can take your husband to watch Tottenham, and win 5-1, but then repeating the routine, wearing the same clothes as last time, doesn’t always guarantee a win. You can take half decent photos though.

Lesson 4. Don’t forget your dads birthday, this Wednesday.

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