So that’s it

almost the end of the season. It was the last home game yesterday, and god, was it tense. The first half, we played so badly, if I was the kind of person who liked pulling her hair out, I’d be bald. Lucky for me, I just like gazing skywards and tutting. Lucky for me again, the second half was much better, although Bolton were tough. Very tough.

I took photos, which are of my usual rubbish standard, but there were several highlights at the game.

1. Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa came out onto the pitch at half time!!!!!
2. Because it was the final game, the team did a parade around the pitch at the end. I’d have got tickets closer to the front if my brain had been in gear when I ordered the tickets. Tsk.
3. Robbo’s little girl walked around the pitch with him, wearing a goalkeepers getup, and 1 DADDY on the back, which was too cute for words.

oh and someone let a load of balls bounce all over the supporters in the stands. It was quite excellent actually. So much so, I got a bit of film and did a silly Jose Gonzales sony advert spoof. NOT to be taken seriously. No no no.

Photos and film are here.

It’s getting sunny outside again – today was possibly the first day of the year I could put washing back out on the line, which was nice. I like fresh smelling clothes, rather than cooped up inside smelling ones.

So, given that my weekends will soon be free again, I set myself a new stupid thing to do. One photo a day, in May. Taken on my phone, and uploaded here. Yesterdays was a superb moment, which the camera doesn’t do justice. Underneath the south lower, there’s a large section where people hang out – I was chatting with V & E, and everyone was singing. Suddenly someone started the “Sit down, if you hate Arsenal” and the entire block of people all sat down (we’re talking a few hundred here). I’ve seen nothing like it since I went to an indie night in Manchester, circa 1991, when they played that James song. It was beautiful though. Oh and you can see a lovely photo of me there too. Now you can see how tired I am at the moment. Lovely lovely.

Friday night, and we went to the ICA and saw Magnétophone – who were excellent. I’ve probably seen them live about five or six times now, and finally got a chance to say hello to Matt from the band, very briefly, which was nice. Magnétophone work for me with vocals. I like it. They had a power to their music, which put my head in the kind of place people probably pay vast amounts of money to get to. Me, I just swayed from side to side. I’m no dancer. There’s photos of the gig up here too. Yes, they were joined by Sonic Boom.

So, May. It’s already looking quite busy, and I can’t remember why any more. All I know right now is, Tilly and The Wall are playing at The Luminaire on the 19th, I can’t remember if I have tickets or not (Ciaran, you’d better come along, they’re such fun live), and we’ve got Neko Case towards the end of the month.

I wish my iPod was newer, that way I could iSync my work and home calendars. I’d never get confused then….

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