so here we are, september

and with the colder weather, comes the flu, which got me, and indeed still has me a little bit, damn you, flu.

So one afternoon I spent a couple of hours on here, and made a mini Pale Saints website thing. Not for any particular reason. Just cause I have all this stuff from years ago, and it seems a shame for info not to be out there. So if you care, it’s over at

I also started to list every gig I have a ticket, or remember going to, or have taken photos at. I’m up to 1997, and it wore me out, so I’ve stopped for now. I’ve had a busy late teenage/twenties/early thirties. Christ. When I’ve done that, I’ll link from the front page.

After that, I’ll start making people compilation tapes, and writing lists.

That last bit was a joke.

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