short, not necessarily sweet

dEUS played their last London gig for this year, last night. In fact, around this time last night, we were driving home, listening to what little power was left on the iPod, me picking out tracks I wanted to hear again. I want to shout in big capital letters though,


there. Better now. I’ve never been that far down the front at the Shepherds Bush Empire, we were right in front of the speaker (good for my tinnitus there), but I did have earplugs in. Spotted so many little new things my favourite band have, that I’d never noticed before. It was special. Very special. Even though I got the feeling I was watching them on a large tv screen (earplugs)… Mauro keeps morphing vocally into Stef – and it’s weird (but good) to watch. Stephane sings while drumming!! I love singing drummers (Phil Collins excepted). Klaas had his violin poise – which I wish I had. If I was any way musically inclined, maybe the violin would be a good one to learn for your posture – just look at a violin player, compared to a guitarist. I’m right. Tom was just Tom, being Tom. His posture wasn’t as good as Klaas’. See, I have a point there. Alan, I just can’t warm to Alan. I don’t know why. He’s probably going to end up being the longest serving dEUS bassist, I’d imagine… No disrespect to his playing abilities – that is one thing he’s excellent at.

So yes, dEUS. Or “Jesus” as the tout outside called them. Lots of old and new and middle and weird all patched in together. No ‘Assault on Magnus’ or ‘7 Days 7 Weeks’ (odd, as it’s the current single, but then not surprising, as I remember my first dEUS gig being full of songs I didn’t know, apart from maybe a ‘Hotellounge’ or ‘Via’), such power.. argh. I just love them. I can’t put in words why I love them. I just do.

Lots of those moments too… the ones I like. One day I’ll make an mp3 of them, so people understand. I’ll even do a pie chart, or maybe just a venn diagram.

So, onwards we go, just over a week before it’s almost 10 days of being out-every-night madness. I’m already getting the feeling I might not cope so well…

(ps don’t mention Bolton)

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