say we are 4th in the league

well it was nerve racking to say the least tonight.. a Jermain Defoe goal in the first 10 minutes meant we got the three points, thank christ. Englands number one, who graced the programme, had a marvellous game, and had a good boss around some of the players who weren’t very with it.

Edgar Davids was back, and he was just great… helped pull the team together… Robbie Keane came on, but made little or no impression… and Mido, he did some great misses. Damn.

Right at the end, the fulham goalie came up to our end, when a corner was being taken, but nothing actually came of it. Sadly, he made it back up to his side of the field, before Robbo had a chance to kick the ball, in that beautiful way he does, straight into the Fulham goal, which would have probably made me cry with happiness…

White Hart Lane looked lovely all lit up, I got a lump in my throat…

AND David Ginola came on the pitch at half time. mmm.

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