recently I downloaded Aztec Camera’s ‘High Land Hard Rain’, being too lazy to spend a bit of time just converting my old vinyl into mp3’s, so I could listen to it on my iPod. I finally got around to listening to it this morning, and one thing that really struck me, was how I could remember the words, the songs, the everything, as well as I could 20 plus years ago, when I first got a copy of the album, as a Christmas Present. 1983 or 1984, I’m not sure when, but it was just as it came out, and before ‘Oblivious’ became a huge hit. I think? I can’t really remember. I know I had the ‘Walk Out To Winter’ 7″ single, with its far superior version of the song, than what ended up on the album (I always found the album version a bit too grown up..)

So, this morning, listening… ‘Pillar To Post’ – such an amazing song. Singing along at the top of my voice, not caring if people were watching (I doubt they were though), and thinking, you see all these so-called-cool types, in their cars, belting out loud drum and bass, and just looking cool. Then there’s me. Blasting out Aztec Camera, and not caring if I’m cool or not. Ah it felt good.

Annoyingly, the version I downloaded was rubbish. It had the ends of some songs cut off, so I did what any honourable young lady would do, and I bought the album again, on CD, second hand, via Amazon Marketplace.

It’ll arrive in a week or so, and I can’t wait. It’s the sound of an only-just-teenager me, and doesn’t feel at all dated, like some albums back then did.


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