Raced For Life

we did it – it was an extremely hot day, and by the very end I felt so giddy with lack of food and needing more water, but we all did it.

Jule and I did it in exactly 59 minutes, and Rachel and Heather did it a couple of minutes later. I even ran a tiny bit at the end, to make sure I was under an hour. Oh the hills, the hills. It was okay until they arrived, and then you really felt every muscle in the back of your legs.

The dads all sat in the shade with the kids, Shaun with H, Lewis with Molly and Joe with Jesse – and oh thank goodness they were there – although DJ man seemed to have run out of music and was playing the same songs we had when we started the race – so we escaped to the quiet and calm for a picnic.

Rachel has started a local knitting group – we meet every other Wednesday in the pub, more info is over here.

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