My working year is over, no more work until January 2011, thankyouverymuch accrued maternity leave time.

H’s walking and talking and teething and the rest, which makes for busy times. She’s obsessed with ducks and bubbles. Add to that she pushes anything and everything around the room, highchair included.

So yes, no more work. The year finished in a busy way, setting up digital releases for the new Adele and British Sea Power albums, and doing some of my old job which made for a good last couple of weeks – a different kind of busy, and a good one.

We’re sat watching ‘Something Special’ and it’s a bird episode, and H’s just squealed and pointed – we’re trying to teach her the difference between a parrot (which she’s set to see a lot of soon when we get to Australia) and a duck (which she sees plenty of in the parks near here).

Add to that The Amazing Race is set to film soon, and given the times we’ve flown in the past and they’re filming, surely this time we have to catch them? Which of course will be much easier as it’s another All-Stars season… hehehe.

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