Pimp That Snack

Pimp That Snack have had to change their name from Pimp My Snack, because MTV objected. Quite how someone could get the two things mixed up, I’ll never know. However, the new site is there, and they have t-shirts. It’s a silly site and worth checking out.

Another ace site, if only for the absolute genius reply when the site owner applied for the Middlesboro job, and got a response from the club, is over here – the site itself is full of things the site owner wants to do in a timescale, and actually, after reading what he wants to do, it’s making me think I should think about things I want to do in life. Even if they’re silly and don’t matter. Especially more so if they’re not silly and do matter. Anyway, the site is ace, and has made me chuckle.

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