Raced For Life

we did it – it was an extremely hot day, and by the very end I felt so giddy with lack of food and needing more water, but we all did it.

Jule and I did it in exactly 59 minutes, and Rachel and Heather did it a couple of minutes later. I even ran a tiny bit at the end, to make sure I was under an hour. Oh the hills, the hills. It was okay until they arrived, and then you really felt every muscle in the back of your legs.

The dads all sat in the shade with the kids, Shaun with Holly, Lewis with Molly and Joe with Jesse – and oh thank goodness they were there – although DJ man seemed to have run out of music and was playing the same songs we had when we started the race – so we escaped to the quiet and calm for a picnic.

Rachel has started a local knitting group – we meet every other Wednesday in the pub, more info is over here.

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Carshalton Mumpreneurs

We’re in the paper.
Carshalton Mumpreneurs

What I actually said (in case you’re one of my bosses) was “Was lovely to meet everyone last night too – I was talking to some ladies saying how I feel like I’ve really lost my confidence since going back to work, and just talking to some of you last night really restored it, and made me feel like I could do something interesting with my life – you were all so inspiring!” Just for the record, and all that…

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tum te tummmm

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Guinness Fudge

Guinness Fudge

Where to start...

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The new website is coming along just lovely now – it’s still in the early stages and needs me to do more coding – which I’ve never done before, so it’s all a slow learning process done when I can grab a few minutes here and there.

I’ve also signed up to do some Phoenix Trading, selling cards. If anyone is interested, then I have a site over here which shows you the kinds of things offered. I’m just waiting for a delivery of my initial sales things, and a first order so I’m kind of excited about this, as it could be fun (plus I’ll get to meet more people which is always good). So I’ll add a new tag in here for Phoenix related things as I’m sure there’ll be various cards I’ll really like and want to recommend. Stay tuned. Plus it was an excuse to get my favourite picture of me and H up too.

I’m also going to set up an Online Petition soon (when they reopen them) to try and do something about the lack of access at Carshalton Station for people like me who’ll have buggies, or even people in wheelchairs, or who can’t climb the necessary stairs to get to the platform. Go me! See, less time on internet forums is equal to more time doing good stuff!

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More housekeeping…

Back when my dad sold his business and bought a new domain for his other things he’d like to do (whitedog.org.uk) he stuck with the company Easyspace – so I took out a domain there too, as it was a good price and he’d been really happy with them.

Fast forward four years and the renewals for a co.uk and an org.uk came up, and the overall price had increased… I was on maternity leave, not much cash but not much time to do much else than renew and deal with it (you don’t think about these things when you have a small child)… but after some careful research most other companies don’t stick a markup on your domain renewal, and then point out something in the small print (my own fault? Maybe, possibly, probably – but still, advertising sites at a low price, then adding these extra charges later on seems a bit unfair and not that clearly pointed out) – or rather, to quote Easyspace

“When the initial period has expired they are subject to a price increase of £1.50/yr +15%. A 3% RPI increase has also been applied to all packages since August.”


When I asked why, my answer was

“Sorry for the delay in replying. Our terms and conditions do state the we have the right to establish and review renewal prices at our discretion. Additionally, all invoices are available for viewing in your control panel 60 days prior to the renewal date.”

So at my discretion I’ve moved one of my domains, and am moving the other to a new provider who doesn’t whack on extra charges at their own discretion. Who’s to say in a year or so I’ve not another small child and again no time to actually check this stuff. Better I go with someone who sticks with the prices advertised, it’s much more honest…

Oh, and I didn’t say, you’re charged £15 plus VAT per domain by Easyspace when you transfer out as they don’t trust you to do it yourself (and had I not been able to, the people who can help me weren’t either, and they’re experienced in this, it’s all blocked), so instead I took the Nominet route – it’s still £12 all in, and it was quick and it’s done.


So to celebrate I bought a new domain (not with Easyspace) and now I’m working (with help) on something I’ve been thinking about for a while… we’ll see how that one goes.

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Speed Walking For Life

I’m doing Race For Life in Epsom with my friends Rachel, Heather and Jule.

Over here.

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Lush & Pale Saints

Firstly, Ian is auctioning off his Pale Saints cassette – I remember these days – they would send the cassette back to themselves – everyone did it back then – in a SAE – so it copyrighted it, or so we were all led to believe (I don’t think I tried with my fanzine, mind) – only a day left, over here

Secondly, Miki and Emma were interviewed for Triple R over here on the 23rd March. I’ll be listening when I’ve put H down for her nap (because she’ll only ask for Mr Tumble if I do try to listen when she’s awake)…

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Well I went on a bit last time, didn’t I?

Never mind. I needed somewhere to vent, and it’s not like I do it often.

So let’s keep this one short. This got removed (no idea why, nobody actually bothered telling me at work, it just got ignored) from the Beggars Archive blog, and I thought it was funny. Maybe I was the only person who thought it was funny… anyway. There I was sat watching ‘Countdown’ or whatever it’s called in Australia, and this popped up.

Which amused me mildly. Mind, the following day (which I didn’t post, good job really as that would have been deleted too) I saw this car and had a strange kind of “OH MY GOD MY WORK IS HAUNTING ME” sort of day.


Maybe I’ll just post all work related things on here instead, that way they’ll never ever EVER be deleted. Ever. Lucky you lot.

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Like I said before, I’m removing myself from a lot of online communities. Most are fine, but this last 2-3 days at one place has been like getting blood from a stone.

I initially asked for a namechange, as the name I’d been using was quite googlable, and their site seemed to indicate you could do this – so I figured I’d give it a go, then I could disappear. They responded back fairly quickly, but negatively


Thanks for the message. Unfortunately we no longer offer username changes due to technical restraints.

Okay, fine I think. I’ll re-register using the preferred name. So I do that, and hope that then my old account can be removed. I get a message not long afterwards…

Unfortunately your registration at Digital Spy Forums did not meet our membership requirements and your registration was deleted.

Ooookay. I’m not *that* desperate for an account there. So I ask why they’d done that, as having had a good few years of moderating/admin stuff on forums I’ve a pretty good idea of most backends, and this one jumped out as a bit… well…


Our Terms and Conditions state that a user cannot have more than one account for any reason.

Okay. Fair enough. So they’re IP tracking, as I used a different email address. But I can’t amend my username I don’t want to use any more, and I can’t use the name I’d like to. So I let them know about my dilemma, and wonder what can be done to rectify it.

Hi Jo,

We no longer allow users to re-register because it’s just too disruptive for the community as a whole: people were doing so and then lying about their previous identities which is confusing and unfair for the rest of our members.

Best wishes,
DS Support

Ookay, so now I’m being treated a bit like a troll, when I’m not. Also, assuming that’s what I was going to do is a little unfair. It’s not like I post often on there, but it’s often enough I wanted a different username. The time I’ve spent on this is already a bit too much, I’ve a life, and if I had the time to adopt a different personality then fine, but I probably post on their forums once a week, tops. No big deal to me, anyway. I ask what my options are…

Hi Jo,

Thanks for your message. We are unwilling to make any exceptions in regards to our terms and conditions. We are unable to provide username changes due to technical difficulties (not because we wouldn’t allow them) and we do not allow users to have two accounts.

DS Forum Support

Okay, so that’s it then… may as well just delete my account, which you can do, and have rid of all trace of me there, right? Ah, but not so much… I got the account deleted, but there’s still a trace of me there. Sigh. I’m never going to go away…


Your account has been terminated as requested. While your account remains intact all personal information has been removed from our records in accordance with the Data Protection Act and this process is irreversible. Re-registration is not permitted.

Good good, I don’t want to re-register, it’s WAY too much hassle, and really I’m probably a bit too old for their communities on there (and anyway, surely account removal should mean the account doesn’t remain intact? I can’t be bothered asking them). It made me think though, I mean, back when I did admin on say, our work forums, I was never quite as awkward about name changes as this. It’s glaringly obvious when people register new names (because of the ip address), but it was never a major issue. Sure, Digital Spy is a huge forum, so maybe it’s just extra work for them, but anyway, I’m rid of all that now.

What a palaver. I probably lost an hour or so of my life on that! Still, free of another one…

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