new car

after a year or so talking about needing a new car, we finally bought one today – lets never say we rush into stuff. Anyway, a nice silver Vauxhall Corsa will be ours on Monday – our first automatic too. I tried out the stereo, and it sounds good – from all speakers too, unlike our old, on it’s last legs car… bless. Our old car isn’t even worth 50 pounds now. The man at the car place is taking it off our hands for nothing… sniffle. Still, it did us good – here’s hoping this one does….

Current potential name for the new car are Lionel, and Charlotte Church.

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2 Responses to new car

  1. Andy says:

    If you can’t find where to put the water for the…er…thing, I’ll be happy to help…

  2. jo says:

    haha, remind me – I’ve forgotten your story – did it involve the M4?

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