My first box from Graze

My first box from Graze, originally uploaded by sweetfoolthemouth.

I’d read about Graze – it’s been set up by the people who set up LoveFilm – so I figured it was worth a try. Oh, it was good too – and while pricey, it tasted good. This was the Graze Classic Large – I’ve downgraded for the new year, and have set up a Tuesday and Thursday delivery at work for these. It probably works out slightly less than I’d pay for the same in Holland and Barrett. Mind, I’ve gone for a Graze Luxury Large for my next box – well, it’s Christmas, isn’t it?

Oh, and there’s nutritional information on the bottom of the box – with a green grass design on one side, and what you need to know on the other. Definitely worth trying, anyway.

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