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Some of you may have seen the TMP post of a couple of days ago. What follows is a mix of our hopes for the future of Ainsty.

Briefly we seem to go through a ‘boom’ year every couple of years 2006 being on of those. Whilst very rewarding, I have also found it frustrating with new models not getting into production and in too many case not even into the moulding process!

I seem to have spent much of 2006 working at 150% and that to try and
keep our order book below two-months of normal work, most of which I have been able to clear in one.

Back in 1998 we bought the assets of the failed SVF company, mainly because I had been a customer and used their dungeon system. Probably still the second-best selling dungeon system in the world and by now the longest in existance! I always saw our objective as a ten-year rescue mission. Whilst trading within the hobby I have seen too many companies go into decline and then try to sell up. I don’t want that for Ainsty and we are probably many years away from that anyway! The
best time to sell is at the peak of sales and that is what we are looking to do. It would be my hope that someone younger with more energy would take on the company and realise the potential which I no longer feel that I can. The employment and H&S legislation in the UK is such that we would not entertain taking on an additional member of staff.

So, for the next two weeks it was our intention not to take new orders – already modified to accepting smaller orders. Any current orders should be completed by us. During that time I would try and put a fair valuation on our production assets including production machinery, and show display assets. At the end of two weeks I would state a price.

I don’t expect an immediate sale although that would be nice and accept that we may still face a couple of months of orders.

Any questions please feel free to e-mail pat at

Thanks for all your support over these years.

Mike B

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