My Bloody Valentine – The Roundhouse 20-6-08

This is what it looked like for us. Occasionally you’d hear Kevin Shields, but his vocals were so quiet, it truly was occasionally. Bilinda you could hear, but not see. Colm you could see, Deb you could see, holding everything together.

For the first twenty minutes or so I didn’t feel like I knew the songs, then things kicked in, singles, b-sides and songs I knew from 20 years ago.

‘Soon’ was the moment where the noise stopped, and it became trance-like, a noise which became beautiful rather than just deafening, the rest of the songs building to the ending of ‘You Made Me Realise’ and no encore.

In some ways I wish we’d been down the front, in others, I’m glad we weren’t. I’ve had my time down the front at MBV gigs – I’m 20 years older and feeling it – sitting down was much more preferable.

There was weirdness, however, in an email prior to the gig – offering me access to a VIP bar, for just twenty pounds, and a complimentary glass of champagne. Of course I didn’t – I’d have had to burn my stripy t-shirt – how horribly corporate sounding…

See you in another 20…

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2 Responses to My Bloody Valentine – The Roundhouse 20-6-08

  1. alan says:

    Don’t get me started – if only my ears could have bled. Due to work – i had to miss out on MBV in London – then paul had bought tickets for the sunday show in Manchester – but i had important stuff for Monday at work – therefore I couldn’t attend – and then to top it all the fall go and play in manchester on the saturday – so basically i’ve missed out on some top nights.

    it really might be another twenty years before i get to see them

  2. jo says:

    ohhh noooo! I can’t believe you missed them! I did wonder if you’d be there, too!

    Damn work!!

    I bet they’ll play more now – there’s a lot of people who missed them (my favourite story is finding out someone I deal with work-wise FORGOT they were playing – seriously, how on earth could you forget?!) – give it time – I bet there’ll be something planned when the two albums are reissued….

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