I don’t like how WordPress capitalizes your titles, means you can’t do the little d in dEUS properly. Makes it look like I don’t know what I’m doing.

Anyway, this is just up here, cause we’ve put up more videos on ebay… some Super Furry Animals ones, a Gorky’s one, and a Pixies one… I’d now take a photo of my video shelves, but you’d just think I had too much nonsense, and well, you’d be correct. That and DVD’s which are replacing my videos…

Also thought it might be time to plug a couple of websites I’ve designed in the last couple of weeks. Me being me, it’s simple, but something that the people I’ve done them for can update easily, plus me linking to them helps with the googlebots.. doesn’t it. So first off, there’s the all new Stiff Weapon website which isn’t finished yet, but is looking how mr Stiff wants it. Then second we have Destructible Records, similar simple site, and we like that too. Plus destructible are about to release the next Parsley Sound single – hurrah!

Lets not mention the football tonight. We’ve got until next Monday to improve. Grimsby. Grimsby, I ask. As Shaun so eloquently put it “Grimsby?!” “Grimsby.” “Grimsby!>!” – me “yes.”

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