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Back when my dad sold his business and bought a new domain for his other things he’d like to do ( he stuck with the company Easyspace – so I took out a domain there too, as it was a good price and he’d been really happy with them.

Fast forward four years and the renewals for a and an came up, and the overall price had increased… I was on maternity leave, not much cash but not much time to do much else than renew and deal with it (you don’t think about these things when you have a small child)… but after some careful research most other companies don’t stick a markup on your domain renewal, and then point out something in the small print (my own fault? Maybe, possibly, probably – but still, advertising sites at a low price, then adding these extra charges later on seems a bit unfair and not that clearly pointed out) – or rather, to quote Easyspace

“When the initial period has expired they are subject to a price increase of £1.50/yr +15%. A 3% RPI increase has also been applied to all packages since August.”


When I asked why, my answer was

“Sorry for the delay in replying. Our terms and conditions do state the we have the right to establish and review renewal prices at our discretion. Additionally, all invoices are available for viewing in your control panel 60 days prior to the renewal date.”

So at my discretion I’ve moved one of my domains, and am moving the other to a new provider who doesn’t whack on extra charges at their own discretion. Who’s to say in a year or so I’ve not another small child and again no time to actually check this stuff. Better I go with someone who sticks with the prices advertised, it’s much more honest…

Oh, and I didn’t say, you’re charged £15 plus VAT per domain by Easyspace when you transfer out as they don’t trust you to do it yourself (and had I not been able to, the people who can help me weren’t either, and they’re experienced in this, it’s all blocked), so instead I took the Nominet route – it’s still £12 all in, and it was quick and it’s done.


So to celebrate I bought a new domain (not with Easyspace) and now I’m working (with help) on something I’ve been thinking about for a while… we’ll see how that one goes.

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