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I’m not good at writing things that crop up in my head, usually because I forget, and almost always because by the time I’ve thought it, I’m already onto the next thought before I’ve had a chance to type it. The remedy? Learn to type faster, but you know, that still doesn’t really work… not properly anyway.

So, as you may have realised by now, I like dEUS. A LOT. It occurred to me, I’ve felt there’s a little something missing from their live shows of late, and I wasn’t sure what.

If you rewind back to when The Ideal Crash was about to come out, and dEUS played their first UK show at the Garage in London, to a sell out, yet small seeming crowd, their entrance back onto the stage was with just five shadows, the lights behind them, but none in front, and a spine tingling, made me want to cry, version of ‘Roses’… in fact, the lights only came on by the louder parts of the song – but it was one of those performances that leave you open mouthed… and wanting them to play forever. Go forward to the next London show, at the Electric Ballroom – and during ‘Instant Street’ those dancers – THOSE dancers – from the video come and join them on stage, doing their weirdy dances, and just… well, I was excited! Utterly excited, jumping up and down on the spot. I’d taken a workmate with me to the gig, as I had a spare ticket, and he said I should never lose that love of music… I know what he means.. it’s when going to gigs becomes your job, rather than something you love doing… but I remember wishing I was on that stage, wanting to be a part of it all so much, but knowing it was best I wasn’t, for obvious reasons (ie, I’m not cool enough, I can’t dance, and numerous other reasons).

Fast forward to the last date of TIC tour, and you’re over at Shepherds Bush Empire – which was great, but not as great as the other two dates… maybe because Klaas had broken his ankle, so there was none of that thing I like, when violin players stand and play in a certain way, (see also The Arcade Fire, or indeed, anyone with a violin, except Nigel Kennedy) – I love the poise, I don’t know why. It gives a kind of graceful feel to something which sounds so loud, so dirty, when the violin is there, not being graceful.. see, I’m rubbish at writing.

Forwards further, and we’re on to last years date at the LA2, or whatever its called this week, something I’d waited for so much, expectations were so high (I was at the Leeds Festival, when they cancelled minutes before going on stage)… and they delivered – don’t get me wrong – they delivered… but it didn’t make me want to cry, I didn’t shiver…

So, on to last week… and looking back, although not disappointed (well, in as disappointed as The Garage was a 10/10 and this one was an 8/10), I think I know what it is that I like about dEUS the most.

It’s that bit in ‘Sun Ra’ when it all changes. I’m sure there’s a musical term. ‘Roses’ has one too. It’s the guitars at the end of ‘Instant Street’ when they get loud, and go out of control… it’s when the violin starts ‘Suds and Soda’ and the guitars come in… it’s that part when you want to close your eyes, and scream, and it’s because it goes well with the music, not because it’s awful… and I think the ICA gig, missed some of those bits.

Maybe it’s the earplugs, because they do block out some of the sound, and this is only the second gig I’ve had to wear them, dEUS wise. I just felt like where these things would jump out of the stage and consume you, and you’d be on this wave of… god knows what… it felt like they held back.

I’m looking forward to November. I might even try and get some professional earplugs then. Maybe that’ll fix me. I can wait another few months then…

Get me, almost 36 and being turned into a wibbling wreck at the thought of loud guitars. That could be a good thing.

Ah well, time for Tottenham vs Aston Villa now. Wait till I start blabbing on about how I almost burst into tears the first time I sat in the South Stand Lower, at White Hart Lane, fulfilling a dream I’ve had since 1979…

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