mid-May mad.

firstly, there’s photos to go up, I know this. Just last week we had Grizzly Bear/Final Fantasy at The Luminaire, as well as Field Music and Stereolab at KoKo in Camden. I just need to pick out the good photos – the new camera isn’t as good at further away shots, as the old one. Next week there’s Celebration & TV On The Radio at ULU, on Monday, with a return to Koko starring Spoon and The New Pornographers, which I’m very excited about.

I’m currently being swindled out of a lot of money on ebay, with a bad ebayer, so I’m working out how to get my 70 pounds back (I think he’s spent it), or my goods, as well as how to leave accurate feedback in the limited letters you have. Not as easy as it sounds, when pretty much everything he should have done, had some weak excuse. Bleh! Top tip of the day, never buy things from anyone on ebay with feedback less than 50, when it’s a lot of money.

Edit. The PS2 turned up this morning, nothing like the description, and I’ve just put the photos up – Final Fantasy
Grizzly Bear
Field Music

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2 Responses to mid-May mad.

  1. panthergirl says:

    Thanks for the shout-out to Adventures in Cyberia… nice to be recognized!

  2. jo says:

    no probs at all – I LOVE that blog – being a Sims 2 addict (although on a mac, so I’ve not got the one where they can work from home yet, although apparently it’s due soon!) it made me laugh out loud – and now I’ve all these things I want to try (like the Fortune Teller woman who is a matchmaker) – I never read the rules, I probably should! Keep up the great work!

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