March’s “adopt a band”

so I was browsing Indietorrents, and came across Oh No! Oh My! – so thought I’d give them a listen. They’re fun, they’re poppy, they’re quirky, and very listenable. Sometimes they make me think of early GbV, sometimes they’re a bit New Pornographers (or should that be a bit Carl Newman inspired?), sometimes just plain bizarre.

They’ve a myspace page up, as well as some tracks up on their official website. They used to be called The Jolly Rogers until they found out just how many other bands were called that, so became Oh No! Oh My! instead. Their old webpage is still up though, and you can go and buy both their albums there, for a stupidly cheap 2 dollars (extras for international shipping, a whole one dollar 50). So, for basically, three dollars 50, 18 tracks of fun indie pop, are you really not going to bother?

Given I’ve just downloaded it for free, I’m heading that way right after clicking “Publish” here – so head over to and click on the shop link. Or just try out some of their mp3’s there?

Oh and if you have a LastFM account, some of their music is up here too.

Current favourite is ‘Jane Is Fat’.

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