It’s been a while.

So much going on these days, far far too much, and oh old blog, how neglected you are.

There’s all sorts going on at Mum Friendly now – I did an interview with The Bopps the other day and slowly my urge to ask people questions about things is returning. This is a good thing.

We had H’s 2nd birthday – and a grand total of four parties – it would have been five, but we couldn’t get back to York. Possibly a good thing… it’s not like she’ll remember much in years to come! The house has been slowly taken over with pink again, despite retiring many toys… a Peppa Pig wendy house has taken over a large section of the room though, so it balances out a tiny bit.

Work is busy right now… lots of things going on, and lots of good records coming out (the This Mortal Coil box set is so lovely and shiny I dare not play it and have a fear of my fingertips spoiling it).

Just last Saturday the three of us sat down for a photo session with a friend of mine, and oh the results are lovely. I’ve never been happy with the majority of photos which feature me, and to have some of the three of us (granted, one of us is pulling faces on at least one of the pictures) is lovely – we now have a problem trying to work out which photos to order…

As I continue my must-keep-H-busy thing going, I’ve signed her up for Dramabuds classes locally. There’s a class every Saturday morning no more than five minutes from here and it’s even walkable (ie without the buggy), I’ve just paid for her first term, so we’ll see how it goes. Next Friday is her last day in the Bumblebees room at nursery – she’ll be moving into the 2-3 year olds room – it only feels like yesterday she was starting in that room (and to be fair, it was January – so she hasn’t been in there that long really) – but she’s so confident and chatty and can say exactly what she means to you (pretty much) that I know she’ll be fine. It’s all fine really, just very tiring.

Ahh, and I almost forgot. Rachel started a group of knitters/crocheters and we’re called ‘Hooky Knitters Carshalton’ – so I made a little website too. We meet, drink and knit. Occasionally people point and laugh at us like we’re weird, but we don’t care because it’s kind of sad someone’s got to single you out for being in the pub doing something and minding your own business.

Work-wise, I finally got a job title – I’m officially Digital Asset Manager, whatever that means… I’m not entirely sure myself apart from the things I loved doing before I went on Maternity Leave I no longer do. Sadface.

The Christmas range of cards are now in at Phoenix – some nice ones, I’ve placed my first order now, and just want to send them out… September’s probably a bit too early…

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