it isn’t often

I go and see a band, without having heard a single thing they’ve played. Truthfully, I can’t even remember the last time. I’m a wuss when it comes to discovering new bands. I get scared to listen, in case it’s not as good as the sleeve might look, stupid, huh?

Last week I went to see The Love Substitutes in Wimbledon, just 8 minutes up the road. Well, 8 minutes and an additional 10 minute walk, that is. They were fantastic!!! Spiky guitar led music, featuring lead vocals from Rudy Trouve, former dEUS guitarist. Over on the other guitar, we had Craig Ward, Love Substitutes blogger (, and former dEUS guitarist who replaced Rudy. Over on drums you’ve got Mauro, current dEUS guitarist who replaced Craig, as well as being a former Evil Superstar, and many other things (check his site for more info), as well as Bert on bass. poor Bert, he’s never been in dEUS.

There’s bad photos up here – I really like the first one, because that was Rudy moving, it makes his guitar look really cool.

The single most annoying thing of the night, was having to leave early, because the last tram left Wimbledon at 12.15, and we knew there was a bit of a trek back to the station. Next time I go to a gig there, I’m getting there late, and driving. Mind, even if I believed in drink and driving, the beer was so watered down (what do you expect for £1.50?) that chances are it would take about 57 of them to even try to make you slightly wobbly of head… and that might be down to being over-watered than anything else.

Chocolate lovers, you need to go here and get some cheap choc.

Weak wristed people, you need to go here right now, and get your wrists sorted (and have a mini snigger at the world champions video.

Sick people, you need to go here and buy some cheap vitamins.

Thus endeth todays bargain basement shopping experience.

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