I treated myself

to two days holiday, and now I’m sat wondering what to start doing. I’ve just tidied up a few things I’ve been putting off for a while (like changing the top photo on this blog, silly little things like that), I’ve a website to build for a friend, and I’ve photos to keep reorganising.

I’ve been doing that old ‘Discover New Music’ thing I like to do sometimes, and decided to try The Young Knives – whose current album ‘Voices Of Animals And Men’ starts excellently (I can’t stop singing the current single ‘The Decision’ – it reminds me of the kind of thing that should be on Teenbeat, though just the one song), and includes ‘Here Comes The Rumour Mill’ which was the first song I heard of theirs… but there’s some iffy bits on the album. Hmm. But there’s plenty of spiky guitar songs too. I remain undecided.

Saw Tapes N Tapes last night at KCLSU, which as far as venues go, if you go to the cocktail bar, has an excellent view of the Thames, looking straight over at the South Bank Centre, and along. Sadly I couldn’t get close enough to take photos, but I liked the venue. You actually got to see the band – a rare thing in London right now, it would seem (see Neko Case last week, when we gave up, and walked out before she came on stage, Koko now officially being London’s second worst venue (IMHO) – The Monarch earning the accolade of being the worst. M Ward supported Neko, and we had a choice of see him, but listen to everyone talking, or go upstairs and hear him, but not see him. Horrible badly designed venue.)

ANYWAY. Tapes N Tapes were good, although I wasn’t familiar enough with the songs to say I enjoyed it – but I didn’t not enjoy it… if that makes any sense. Unlike the previous night when Mojave 3 played at the Jazz Cafe (now possibly by default the best venue in Camden, as the others are so rubbish), when the songs were much more familiar. M3 have taken to playing what feels like a ‘Greatest Hits’ type setlist, which to me says things are changing, coming to a point where they change forever. Whatever happens, they’ve left us with a lot of excellent records, although Neil did say on stage they hope to return next year, with Rachel back on stage again, which would be great – as I still feel she’s missed from the live shows terribly. They were fantastic though, so I’m not in any way criticising the band or their music. A very enjoyable night.

Last night at KCLSU, Tottenham were playing Port Vale, and thank god for Tom Huddlestone, is pretty much all I can say on the matter, having thought of tons of jokes to direct towards Man Utd supporters about “South End’s” and the like. Mind, putting “Port” and “Vale” in a joke, other than just being blatant may be a lot harder. Still, it’s null and void now so that’s a relief.

A couple of weeks ago on Film Four, they played ‘P’Tang Yang Kipperbang’ which made me want to see ‘Those Glory Glory Days’ (I’ve probably only ever seen it twice, yet can remember a lot of it), the Tottenham based ‘First Love’ programme Channel 4 showed in the early eighties. The gist of the story is (from what I remember) that four girls are obsessed with Tottenham and Danny Blanchflower, I think it’s only one of them sneaks into the ground and spends the night there, running around the place (I remember a scene involving the team bath), while it flashbacks to her in a car with the real Mr Blanchflower. Anyway. You can now get this on DVD – but only in the US, it would seem. So rather than wait for Film Four to get around to showing it, I just went ahead and bought it, with the exchange rate working in my favour, it came to just over a fiver – with shipping.

What I don’t understand is why it’s not released on DVD over here… apparently the US version was released in 2006 too.. weird. Still, it’s not here yet, but hopefully soon…

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