I tell you what

time flies, it really does. This week may well be my first full week at work – and by full I mean three days (as we can’t get more days at nursery until the new year, then we can think again). It’s really busy – but stuff gets done. It’s not all bad… it’s just different. It’s a break from childcare, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. Considering my maternity leave ran out mid-August and it’s taken until October to do a full week, I reckon it’s pretty good going – and only one sick day in there too (nursery colds, oh the joys).

I even got out last week, met up with friends in the evening and saw The Darling Buds reform – well, I say The Darling Buds, but it was Andrea and four blokes who weren’t in the band – still, given I gave up around the second album, there were plenty of my favourites (we got ‘If I Said’!!) and I still remembered the words… so while at first I was worried it’d be a bit Darling Buds karaoke, it ended up being fun. Alas, the 100 Club was pretty empty. Apparently there’s a new young band called The Darling Buds, and people keep getting them mixed up. Tsk.

I’m even enjoying music again, not that I hated it, but I’d take music home for the sake of it, rather than because I was liking it – but this year has had some strong releases, and I’m getting back into buying things again too, despite having not a lot of disposable income to hand. Right now Deerhunter’s album ‘Halcyon Digest’ is likely my favourite of the year – it’s got all the elements in it which makes it feel like it’s been in my record collection for the last 20 years, and like I’ve heard the songs a million times, which I haven’t. Anyway, I’m quite liking the liking of music again, although I do like to have a little moan now and then too, otherwise I’d never be happy.

One thing I’m finding difficult to keep up with is the amount of albums which are download-only type things – I got the book version of Kristin Hersh’s new album, and was disappointed when I realised there was no CD included -and that you’ve got to go and download. In normal circumstances I’d probably have the time, but having a toddler who loves nothing more than to shut down your laptop when you’re checking emails/whatever, it’s just not practical! So I’m missing out on that right now… haven’t seen a CD version anywhere yet, but I’m holding on for that…

Somewhere in our sensible heads we decided it’d be good to go to Australia. So we are. All three of us. We’ve bought an extra seat for H, and we’ll take the car seat, but as it gets closer and closer to that time, I can’t help thinking that it’s going to be awful. I mean, she’ll sleep for some of the travel, but the first 10 hour stretch… how on earth do we keep her entertained? Yes, it’s going to be interesting.. good job she’s almost walking… good job we’ve started doing Sing & Sign classes….

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  1. fedge says:

    I agree – I thought the book would have a CD too.

    You can buy the CD separately, which I did, only because I don’t mind giving extra money to Kristin. But still, it does seem like a bit of a bad marketing ploy.


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