As predicted, The Arcade Fire and Kristin Hersh were both marvellous live, back in January, and the 1st of this month.

The Arcade Fire were so great, that when they did their obligatory Porchester Hall walkabout singing ‘Wake Up’ at the end, and I’d realised it was too late to see a thing, I set off my camera, and just thought it’d be nice to have the noise. “Funny!” I thought “Everyone else is doing that too!” Then realised Will was directly in front of us, and Win was slightly blocked by a man’s head. So I got the end of it instead, and was even able to convert it in iMovie so it was YouTube-able.

there you go.

Kristin-wise, it was the first time she’d played her album in full, complete with Bernie on bass, and Rob on drums, as well as the McCarricks on strings. I videoed the whole lot, and actually, the quality of my films is rubbish, though I do have some great soundcheck footage, which I’m probably not allowed to link, so wont for now. I also need to convert the second video camera, which was much closer to the stage, but keep forgetting to borrow the spare work hard drive, so there’s some space to convert it onto (as my computer has just about run out of space now… frightening)

Tottenham wise, well, let’s not talk about that just yet. Only seen one game so far this year, though we’re heading off to Fulham in 30 minutes or so, for our FA Cup game. Here’s hoping we can turn it around… it’s not looking too good… though Lennon is back from injury, so it’s not all bad either…

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