Getting Close To Nothing video

is a video which was put out, when I worked for Vital. I decided today was the day I digitize my copy, and will sell on my VHS at some point in the future. Not sure when this will be, I’ve still a few more videos I’ll be doing this with. Anyway, typically, there’s no tracklist for it, so I watched the whole thing on my computer, while doing other things in the background. It’s very much of it’s time, Riot Grrl, and lots of Huggy Bear. Shampoo too! For all of 20 seconds, mind. Still, I figured one day someone who knows a full tracklist may google this, and help out… so here’s what I worked out was on there.

Blood Sausage – What Law Am I Breaking Now? (titles)
Blood Sausage – F*ck You and Your Underground (video)
Mambo Taxi – No Sleep Till (live) (film beforehand with them writing their name at PWL’s studios, quite funny)
Cornershop – Waterlogged (video)
Huggy Bear – Her Jazz (half being played in studio, without lyrics + just noises, the other half live)
Tobi + Kathy – Safety First (live)
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl (live + video?)
Shampoo – interview & brief live bit
Cornershop – Gimme Gimme (could be wrong title, that’s what it said on the screen, I’m not about to go through all my Cornershop 7″ singles!)
Mambo Taxi – Poems On The Underground (video)
Sister George – Virus Envy
Voodoo Queens – Indian Film Star (not sure if this is the title)
Pansy Twist – Huggy Bear (I suspect not the title, Jon from Huggy Bear’s solo thing he did after he left the band)
Bikini Kill – This is Not A Test (live at Conway Hall)
Bikini Kill – Don’t Need You (live at Conway Hall)
Mambo Taxi – ? (live, features Ben from the Senseless Things on guitar)
Huggy Bear + Bikini Kill on tour – Single Bullets
Blood Sausage – What Law Am I Breaking Now (live)
Bikini Kill – ?
Voodoo Queens – Voodoo Beat (live)
Cornershop – England’s Dreaming (video)
Huggy Bear – Teen Tighterns (live)
 Sister George – ? (live)
Mambo Taxi – Do You Always Dress Like That In Front Of Other People’s Boyfriends (video)
Huggy Bear – Jo reads poem
Huggy Bear – Teen Tighterns (live)

70 Minutes in total, on BGF (Bubble Gum F*ck) 

Can anyone help plug the gaps?Ta! 

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4 Responses to Getting Close To Nothing video

  1. Michael B. says:

    I think that the song which follows Jo reading a poem is actually a live version of February 14, this was posted on Youtube. A live version of Teen Tighterns was never posted, if it exists I’d love to see it. Pansy Twist is a Huggy Bear song, supposedly Jon created the music video after he severed ties with the band. No Sleep (Til’) is a Huggy Bear song from the Don’t Die 7-inch, the live performance posted on Youtube contains slightly different lyrics, actually to the detriment of the song…as it dissolves into incoherence. I love this band and desperate seek a comprehensive re-issue of their work, from what I saw of the Getting Close to Nothing video they were an inconsistent live act…

  2. jo says:

    Reissues would be good!

    Ah, and thanks for the note about the poem – I’m rubbish on my old Huggy Bear – saw them live quite a few times (including the Newport “Riot” gig) – ah, that would make sense with Jon doing that video too – I did wonder why it was just him (my memory doesn’t go that far back!)

  3. cla says:

    how’s possible to find this VHS?
    I’ve tried searching it everywhere but it’s impossible to find……

  4. jo says:

    I don’t think you can get it – I think it was only limited to around 100 copies – I have a promo, so no artwork, and I don’t have the press release any more either – so I’m not 100% on this at all! It’s going for silly money on Amazon, which is a bit bad…

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