ebay hell

I’ve gone into it so much, I’m getting bored of it. We bought a PS2, it arrived, nothing like the photo on the ebay listing, the seller was incredibly rubbish, so to keep track of everything (you never know where you are, when you get an unexpected email), I set up this site, which goes into everything. On both sides. It’s very tiring, you know.

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2 Responses to ebay hell

  1. fedge says:

    Jo, this is a horrible eBay experience. Any new positive developments? I can’t believe this guy is punishing you because he feels the auction ended with a bid lower than he desired. There ought to be a law that allows people to beat the crap out of bad eBay sellers. And was this guy English? He appears to have no command of the language, writing in lower case “chat” style and abbreviated words. Clearly this guy 1) needs to be beaten and 2) needs some English language lessons.

  2. jo says:

    nah, no news – it has escalated in as much as he’s reported me as a non-paying bidder (hahahahahaha, how ridiculous?!) and I’m just sat, waiting to see what ebay can do, if they can get any money back from me…

    Since all that, I’ve found out that he’s done the same to someone else – we’re both reporting him to ebay, so hopefully at some point, something will be done… god knows what though!

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