Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

I’m in week 4 now, since I stopped work. Thank god there’s places out there which accept PayPal when you order online (thumbs up for Boots, there, and of course ebay), as I’m now at the stage where doing much at all is just too tiring. Although having said that, I went for a lie down earlier, and got one wrong number, and one delivery – so maybe I’m just not meant to relax…

I’ve found that this time out of work has got all manner of strange music into my brain, the kind of songs I’d never normally want in there. I’m getting my iPod ready for hospital now, and trying to select albums I know I might want to hear, as it’s looking like I may be in for a few days – but it’s difficult to work out what to put on there. So far St Vincent, M Ward, Yo La Tengo, The Big Pink and dEUS have made it, but what else?

So yes, I’m just counting down my last few days now, thinking of music, and eating all the curries I can possibly stomach – no heartburn, either. Phew. Oh, and no Beggars badge updates, though I’ve git the words in my head – I’m just too tired to write them up.

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