Diary Of An Idiot

I kept notes as I went along, but yeah, we more or less made it. I know, it’s not like we were climbing Mount Everest here, but you have to understand, we have a stupidly quiet life. I probably did my years worth of gig quota in the last week – well, maybe not a year, but we do have a stupidly quiet life, nonetheless.

So, we saved some cash, lost some weight, went without food on some occasions, lost some sleep, ran up and down stairs like crazy people, and had a few minor crises, but other than that, it’s been fun. I had to keep notes, I’d forget it all way too quickly otherwise.

I just wonder whether people will look back on this last week, with the same amount of fondness they did with the 13 Year Itch. I never made it to any of the gigs. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was busy in Bristol that week. More than likely, I had nowhere to stay in London, and that additional cost, probably made things prohibitive.

There were some great moments. Sitting with Vaughan Oliver, when he did his book signing, watching people being moved by getting to shake hands and chat with the great man. That was nice. Introducing people to others. I like introducing people. I don’t think I was too OTT this time. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good night of introductions.

The impromptu signing with Paula Frazer, at the merch stand, and people coming up to Paula, telling her how wonderful her set was (it was!) and just grinning, because she was more than happy to sign things for people and chat. I wish we’d found more former 4AD bandmembers and had that happen – it would have been fun.

I’m amazed I got through all the gigs, stamina-wise (I know, I’m talking like it’s the end of the celebrations, but I’d decided a while back this weekend would be the last quiet one for a while, so we’re skipping Johann Johannsson and Blonde Redhead tomorrow night), I’m glad I did though. We were sensible. We only got stopped by the police twice after the gigs. Put lots of names to faces, and teased a few collectors about their obsession (it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t) and met lots of lovely people.

It was fun. Read on…

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