I love dEUS. I don’t know why, I just do. They caught me at the right time in my life, and they continue to do so.

Last night was the album launch, for their new album ‘Pocket Revolution’ over at one of my least favourite places, the ICA. I dislike the ICA for the shape of the venue, it’s small, which is a plus point, but everyone is on a level, so if you end up stuck at the back, you’re doomed. Sensibly, we got into the main area 10 minutes before dEUS were due on stage, and strangely, the place was almost empty, so we were able to position ourselves towards Klaas’s side of the stage.

This being the album launch, we got quite a lot of new songs, but they did give us lots of older ones too – we probably got about an hour and three quarters worth of music, which is enough to keep me going. Tom had problems with his guitar, and I thought some of the songs which should be more powerful, lacked that (I’m particularly thinking the end of ‘Instant Street’). That’s okay though, where a good dEUS gig is a 10/10, I’d give this a 9 or 8 – it certainly wasn’t disappointing in any way.

What bugged me the most was the group of people who positioned themselves down the front. I think they worked for the label. At some point, the band lost track of what they were playing, and missed ‘Instant Street’, so went to start playing it – Tom commented “we’re back on schedule now” and some wag down the front said “Tom, you’re always on schedule”, cue lots of guffaws from these industry types… then two of them decided to have a really loud, long shouting conversation directly in front of my view, and right under Klaas. Oh, and dEUS decided to play ‘The Magic Hour’ (a quiet song). I eventually plucked up the courage to ask them to shut up, seeing as their conversation was actually louder than the band – the joys of earplugs. I mean, I paid to see them, I don’t care if people want to chat for a while, as long as they don’t do it down the front, in front of me, obscuring my view. I don’t ask for much, do I?

They did shut up, but kept giggling like naughty schoolchildren…

Still, it didn’t spoil the night – we got no ‘Roses’ but we got a blinding ‘Suds and Soda’, so I can’t complain. Highlight of the night was definitely ‘Sun Ra’ which, being my favourite album track, just sounded even more amazing… especially THAT bit… you know the one. ‘Theme From Turnpike’ had a new screaming kind of ending, from Mauro and Tom (ahh, you know, Mauro fits in so perfectly with dEUS I hope he stays)

I took about 60 photos, lifting the law of averages up (ie, if you take x amount of photos at a gig, the law of averages says you’ll get at least 10 that are okay) – and they’re linked here. I’m pleased with them.

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2 Responses to dEUS

  1. eevilmidget says:

    Failed to get tickets for this gig at the ICA… but definitely going to one in Nov. Did you see the article on Metro the other day? Have been listening to the album, and still prefer TIC, but perhaps PR is a grower…

  2. jo says:

    I had a quick look – someone at work saw it – I’m useless when it comes to spotting dEUS articles, unless they’re online!

    Give PR about 10 listens – that’s what it takes – there’s so much classic dEUS in there it just kind of grabs you – I remember the first listen, I was really worried… it didn’t feel like a dEUS record, it felt weird.. older… somehow it’s lodged itself in my head now, and I’m glad for it!

    I’m there in November – down the front, probably ogling Klaas, with my husband by my side (he’s an understanding chap, you see 🙂 )

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