dEUS are back…

Vantage Point, the new dEUS album arrived in the post this morning. I’ve had a love thing going on with dEUS in my head since the time I caught the ‘Suds and Soda’ video on MTV Europe, just as it was released in the UK. Driving to Scotland one day, as I crossed the border just beyond Carlisle in the car, it came on the radio. I was hooked, for no other reason than the music and my brain worked well, plus there’s certain songs in life I can still place where I was the first time I heard them.   

Anyway, ‘Vantage Point’. It’s all grown up. It’s okay! I wasn’t sure about the new single ‘The Architect’ but actually, it works when you hear the whole album. I’m relieved. I was worried we were growing apart – once that happens, you get to a stage where you start to get rid of your CD singles, and just keep the albums (well, I do anyway…). So yes, new dEUS, happy me. The end.  

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