Cane Hill Hospital, 1882.

At the start of the month we finally found how to get close to Cane Hill Hospital. It’s intrigued me for a while, this place – you can see the two towers as you drive into Coulsdon from Wallington – it’s one of those places you end up wondering exactly what it is – it’s an old Asylum, one of three in this area (I think this one is in the best condition), which eventually was cleared out around the time Thatcher’s ‘Care In the Community’ started in 1990.

The building stands on top of a hill, with views all over, apparently all the way back towards London (we couldn’t tell from where we were, we need to go back). The years haven’t been good to Cane Hill – many arson attacks and general vandalism, mean the buildings have a large wire fence around it with nasty barbed wire across the top.

It doesn’t stop people getting in, however – and there’s plenty of visits with photos, catalogued at Urban Exploration sites. Google is your friend.

Apparently a documentary about Cane Hill is being made, though where it’s up to is anyone’s guess.

It’s a huge area, with many different wings, a mortuary, a chapel, a laundry room, an incinerator, which is over the other side which we couldn’t get close to (mainly due to fading light). The whole area has guard dogs patrolling, so it’s not like you can easily sneak through a gap in the fence… it’s a really cold but interesting place. We’ll be heading back as soon as the weather improves a bit more… and hopefully before it (apparently) gets redeveloped into flats.

It is a really interesting place. I’d love to get inside, though I can’t see it happening…

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4 Responses to Cane Hill Hospital, 1882.

  1. alan says:

    this somehow rings a bell – i think a colleague at work has been inside it – lovely – yet tragic photograph. Get yourself some wire cutters and drugged up dog meat.

    and another thing

    i’m going to the valentines in manchester
    rob is going to glasgow
    and you in london

    why couldn’t it have been Leeds Warehouse – those were the days

  2. jo says:

    heh, I’ve thought about it, but I’m the sort of person who gets caught!!

    oh, I’m going to the first Roundhouse night… and ahhh, Leeds Warehouse.. how I miss it! Borrowed a video of Lush playing there, back in 1989 – my first Lush gig – and I swear you can see me in the crowd for a milisecond… I loved that place!!

  3. fedge says:

    Jo, nice to see you enjoy exploring too. Visit UER, they have lots of Cane Hill photography and you should join up as well.

    My own little exploration site:

  4. jo says:

    Long time no hear!

    ah, I’ll go and check them out – thanks – I’ve got a few bookmarks for Cane Hill – it still gives me the shivers!

    I’m not sure I’ll get a chance to register at the forums, but I’ll definitely check them out anyway!!

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