Can I moan?

Well, I guess I can, it’s my blog, after all. See, one thing I’ve found, and I’ve probably been as guilty of it as anyone up until having a baby, is that really annoying thing where something happens, and people automatically assume you can’t go, because you have a baby.

That probably sums it up the best, but I’m finding that instances where I’d have been invited in the past, just aren’t happening any more – now it could well be I’ve become the biggest baby bore going (well, let’s also say, the best part of a year having someone who can’t chat back to you as your main point of conversation can make things a little ga-ga), but when it’s painfully obvious you’re not being invited because people assume you wont be going… oh I dunno.

Having said all this, thinking back, I’ve already done it once myself today. So I’ll get around to putting that right, oh yes. But yes, anyone with friends with kids, don’t assume they can’t go, and even if they can’t, give them the chance to turn you down anyway. It’s much nicer.

(nb, must add to this, that there’s been one person at work who invited me to Pavement, when they played Brixton, which I’ll forever appreciate, as she knew I was a fan – and yes, I got to go too. So while a lot of people do this, those that don’t are definitely not forgotten!)

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